Jammu basks in the radiance of culture, unity, peace, love, and harmony as ‘Dhai Aakhar Prem’ Jatha concludes

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|| Jatha in Jammu | 15-16 November 2023 ||

On November 15, 2023, the first day the ‘Dhai Aakhar Prem: National Cultural Jatha’ in Jammu unfolded vibrant cultural activities, fostering an atmosphere of love, peace, and harmony. Led by Prasanna, IPTA’s National President, the Jatha brought together artists, activists, academics, and enthusiasts in a celebration of diversity cultural heritage.

The day commenced with a captivating march from Panjbhaktar Mahadev Mandir to Peer Mittha Sahib Dargah. The colourful parade traversed the city symbolizing the journey of love and rich cultural fabrics.

The ‘Panjbhaktar Mahadeva Mandir’, also known as the ‘Rupaiye Wala Mandir (temple of coins)’, boasts a unique and rich history as Jammu City’s oldest temple. Suresh Sharma from the temple shared insights into its distinctive features with the members of the Jatha. Noteworthy for its floor adorned with British-era coins, the temple reflects a historical and cultural blend. Serving as a cultural nucleus, it hosts classical music events in its Amphitheatre, such as the Sawan Mahotsav, Sharad Mahotsav and dance performances. Positioned centrally in Jammu, this revered site harmonizes rare antiquity, spiritual significance, and cultural richness in the city’s heart.

Ziyarat Peer Mittha is a timeless symbol of harmony, welcoming people of all faiths for centuries. As the ‘Dhai Aakhar Prem: National Cultural Jatha’ parades through Jammu, it echoes the shrine’s ethos of unity. The Jatha’s cultural odyssey aligns with Ziyarat’s spirit, fostering love, peace, and coexistence.

The second phase of the march started in the afternoon from Maharaja Hari Singh Park and made its way to Abhinav Theatre via Jewel Chowk. The spectators lined the streets, captivated by the spirit of the Jatha.

The cultural Jatha reached its pinnacle at K.L. Sehgal Hall at Abhinav Theatre Complex. The hall resonated with discussions on the life and role of Comrade Dhanwantri, a freedom fighter from Jammu who was very influenced with the ideology of Bhagat Singh. Dr. Lalit Magotra, President Dogri Sanstha, Jammu presented a paper on Comrade Dhanwantri.

IPTA’s President, Prasanna and General Secretary, Tanvir Akhtar engaged with the audience in an insightful interaction followed by a dynamic question/answer session.

The soulful melody of peace echoed through the hall as Smt. Seema Anil Sehgal presented a heartfelt song, further enhancing the cultural tapestry of the evening. The program concluded with a captivating performance by the talented artists of IPTA, Patna, leaving the audience with a profound appreciation for the arts. Many artists of IPTA travelled from Patna to Jammu to participate in the Dhai Aakhar Prem Yatra. We salute their spirit and commitment.

On November 16, 2023, the Jatha paid a solemn floral tribute and honoured the legacy of Comrade Dhanwantri, a valiant figure in India’s freedom movement. Held at Dhanwantri Park, Trikuta Nagar, the ceremony resonated with historical significance and drew participants and enthusiasts from the Jatha. This gesture symbolized collective respect for the enduring spirit of this heroic freedom fighter.

The cultural celebration continued with compelling street play performances by IPTA, Patna, at Bahu Plaza Complex and Padma Shree Padma Sachdev Women College, Gandhi Nagar, where about 400 students witnessed the play. These thought-provoking presentations captivated audiences and those who witnessed the performances appreciated the cultural narratives that resonated with messages of love, unity, and social consciousness.

The cultural odyssey culminated with an exclusive acting workshop facilitated by Prasanna, a stalwart in the realm of Indian theatre. As a director, actor, and playwright, Prasanna has left an indelible mark on the world of performing arts. Over 30 local artists and enthusiasts gathered at Rangyug to glean insights and expertise from the renowned figure. Prasanna’s guidance provided a unique opportunity for participants to delve into the nuances of theatre, refining their craft and enriching their artistic sensibilities. Deepak Kumar, the Director of Rangyug extended heartfelt gratitude to Prasanna for gracing the event with his presence and sharing his wealth of knowledge with the artistic community in Jammu.

The two-day event witnessed an outpouring of creativity, passion, and collective spirit. The artistic community, literary luminaries, social organizations, and diverse individuals converged to make this cultural odyssey a resounding success. Their participation infused the Jatha with a kaleidoscope of perspectives, enriching the cultural tapestry of Jammu. The Jatha’s transformative journey marked by cultural exchanges, people’s dialogue, and artistic collaborations has left an indelible mark on Jammu’s cultural landscape. As it moves forward, the Jatha continues to embody the spirit of ‘Dhai Aakhar Prem,’ spreading messages of love, peace, and harmony.

“The National Cultural Jatha, through its immersive cultural movement, has sown seeds of understanding, appreciation, and togetherness,” said one of the organizers of the National Cultural Jatha Jammu Chapter. He also extended heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, supporters, and contributors.

The journey may conclude, but the echoes of artistic expression and cultural unity will resonate for a long time. The National Cultural Jatha’s foray into Jammu has not only been a cultural spectacle but a testament to the power of art in fostering positive change. The journey continues, leaving behind a legacy of love, peace, and a richer cultural fabric for generations to come.

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