IPTA, Samudaya and Ragikana  took beautiful steps to make the society inclusive and spread oneness…

Sumay Mukherjee | 03-12-2023 | Bengaluru

The beautiful blue sky with crafted clouds, the cool breeze and rain droplets made the atmosphere very surreal… A cozy place with beautiful minds and creative souls can arrange such a samudaya (gathering)… as the campaign ‘Dhai Aakhar Prem’ is hoping to spread love and humanity in each and every corner of the world…

IPTA along with  Samudaya and Ragikana took beautiful steps to make the society inclusive and spread oneness. With songs of love and togetherness touching everyone’s heart they proved that only  love prevails. As music has no language why do we discriminate between the melodious instrument  like Mridangam and Tabla are always considered superior than djembe, congo and bongo whereas both are crafted by the same skin/leather.

A creative amalgamation of Oddisi and Kuchipudi dance showed us the power of inclusion in our society. The street play depicted discrimination on the basis of caste and religion and how we should come together and overcome it as one entity/ human. The narrative of the play was that a muslin watermelon vendor was thrashed by hooligans in the marketplace and was not allowed to earn his living because of his religion and faith. Is this what our country needs today ? This question should strike every individual’s mind.

The music, the dance and the mere smile on the individual’s face was heart touching… the synchronization while applauding was beautiful.

A lot of posters supporting peace, hope and love were hand painted by class 8th from the Morarji Desai Residential school. There was a wall of expression where we could pen down our thoughts and support this initiative.

There were many shops selling hand made authentic spices, scented candles, natural dyed sarees, khadi fabrics and range of books. Local people supported the campaign by buying Gamchha’s which represents our Jatha – “Dhai Aakhar Prem”.

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